I need your help.

Yesterday I visited Farnham Pottery Arts (www.thefarnhampottery.co.uk, an old working pottery close to home that was rescued from the property developers to become an arts centre and a home for several professional potters and other kick-wheel enthusiasts. It’s a fabulously creative place. You can feel as soon as you step inside.



The reason for my visit is that in a few weeks’ time my very first public exhibition of my photographs will be held there. I’m down on the bill of five other photographers in the series The Seeing Eye which is looking at how artists (in this case photographers) respond to their environment. For me, specifically, the street. It’s hugely flattering.

Unlike those who shot back in the good old bad old days, my photos exist on screen only - in the cloud, on my MacBook, my phone, my website, Instagram, Twitter, 500px, Facebook - almost everywhere. Just nowhere that you can actually reach out and touch them. And this poses a multitude of questions. In fact, the learning curve seems akin to scaling Everest at the moment - there are so many decisions to make.

I need your help…

I have a small space - low down the bill, (did I mention that?) - so choosing a handful of my current faves shouldn’t kill me. However, …then what?

How do I go about finding the right place to get them printed?

What paper?

What ink?

What size?

And what about mounting? Or unmounted?

How much should I charge to any interested buyers?

Who knew Everest was also surrounded by a minefield?


I would be genuinely grateful of any tips, pointers or "don’t do’s" that any of you may come up with to any of these questions (except the Everest one). Comment below or email me hugh@hughrawson.com

And if you’re in Surrey between 7th Nov and 7th Dec this year then chug along to Farnham Pottery to support me and the other more famous five…