I picked up a camera with a vengeance a few years ago and have been taking pictures ever since. Now it is what I do to be me. Obsessively. I have always believed that obsession is the best route to learning.

The journey has been littered with mistakes; shots and ideas and over-enthusiastic processing that all seemed good at the time. And this is how I learned and how I keep learning. It's that old punk ethos - anyone can do it - just have a go.

Gradually a voice develops. A style. For me, street photography is where I find my voice most often. It's where I find my creative buzz. Anticipating a moment, a glance, an action, an expression - snap. Move on.

These days, a camera is never far from reach - though photography is just a passion. Not the day job. But working with people helps me tune in, to empathise and, most importantly, to anticipate what's going to happen next. That really helps with street photography.




And other shots too - places I've been as well as shots that don't have a proper home. Some of them are here too. Randoms.

Thanks for dropping in.