Sometimes waiting is better than the thing you’re waiting for. Sometimes waiting delivers exactly what you need - this is certainly true in street photography when you have a perfect setting and you simply have to wait for the right scene to play out before your eyes. You don’t always know what it will be - but you know when you see it.


The Wait. Soho, London. May 2017.

The Wait. Soho, London. May 2017.

But when you find yourself waiting because you are putting something off until you feel you have everything in place (and just right) can often mean you’re stuck. And that’s where I’ve been with my blog for some months.


Sure - I’ve made notes and I’ve had loads of ideas. But I’ve been stuck. 


It’s not that I haven’t been taking photos. I have. Loads. In fact I have the best part of 1,500 shots to assimilate from days in London, Budapest and Goodwood races - some of which I’m really pleased with. My problem is that I committed to this website and I’ve let it down. I like writing. I really do. But maybe I should stop striving for perfection and accept that sometimes 7/10 will do. Or even 6...


So here’s my first blog for sometime, more about the problems of blogging than about street photography, but surely there is a message for all of us. And that is not to sit and wait for the right situation, the right gear, the right weather - just get out and do it. Take those shots. As Elliot Erwitt said: “Nothing happens when you sit at home. "


Mind you - he also said “The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.” 


'Til next time….