4 From 7: no.1 / by Hugh Rawson

If truth be told, I’ve always struggled a little bit with the idea of a blog. I set up my website as a place to share images and the blog kind of came along for the ride, like a trailer, or the family mutt, or a piece of chewing gun stuck to my shoe. Now I’m coming to realise that I don’t change the galleries as often as I should and that the blog is often the scene of some self-flagellation. I have many half formed opinions about cameras, techniques, practice, photographers, family pets, chewing gum…. but they remain half formed and unpublished. 


One thing I do know is that I continue to take photos and keep on posting them on social media. And so it occurs to me that just maybe the blog space is the place to put my most recent work and see how it is received - or even just see what it looks like online. Maybe it's a modern day twist on Garry Winogrand's view that he takes photographs to see what things look like photographed by him. Perhaps this is going to become the space where I find out what things look like online, posted by me! 

I always kept a diary as a kid and even into my adult life. Perhaps this blog space should be a continuation of that - a visual record of a small number of the images that I take each week. I can’t promise that I will manage to do this each week but if I keep it text light and post a few images it shouldn’t be beyond me, should it? It's a target.


I am going to limit myself to four images from the previous seven days - hence 4 from 7; and this is the first.